Have a business idea and need access to capital?

Do you want to expand your
current business?

I have over 240 unsecured lenders
waiting to assist you with up to $400,000

Check The Pre-requirements Below

  1. Are you a US citizen or a Permanent Resident with a green card and Social Security Number? (Should Be YES)
  2. Do you have a credit score 650 or higher? (Should Be YES)
  3. Is your annual income more then $27000? (If YES ask source of income :W2- at least 1 year, Self Employed – at least 2 years, Social Security, Retirement or Permanent Disability)
  4. Do you have less then 6 inquiries in the last 6 months? (Should Answer YES)
  5. Do you have new credit lines opened, with your personal credit, in the last 6 months (Credit Cards, Credit Card Limit Increases, Car Loan, Mortgage, personal Loans ,Co-Signing or etc.)? (Should Answer NO)
  6. Have you ever filed Bankruptcy? (If YES, discharge date must be at least 2 years old)
  7. Do you have any late payments, recent collections, or anything that is derogatory reporting in the last 2 years? (Should Answer NO to both questions)
  8. Do you have at least 60% left on your current credit card balances? (if NO, client must pay down balances prior to submitting application )

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    All programs & services have a NON-REFUNDABLE 1 time $500 Administration Fee.

    There are NO REFUNDS after our 3 day grace period has expired! A Written Request for a refund needs to be emailed to bossitup@bossitup.biz with reasonable proof of why you are requesting a refund.

    Refunds will be given within 90 days of purchase.