Red Beryl - $10,000 package Here at the Boss It Up Entrepreneurial Experience,
we are passionate about educating you on how to…
Think Like The Highest Elevated Boss, Look Like The Highest Elevated Boss, & Get PAID Like THE HIGHEST ELEVATED BOSS!

You will Experience Personal & Professional Profit Producing Coaching
that will help you & your company to…

Boss Up Your Health

(Because if you, the CEO, are not healthy- how will the company be healthy?)
**Remember if the head is sick – the body will be sick as well!**

Boss Up Your Time Management

(Because if you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail!)

Boss Up Your Branding

(Because if you are NOT a brand that stands out in the crowd, who will buy you?)

Boss Up Your Appearance!!!

(Because if you want to represent your company,
you need to appear in line with what you represent!)

Cost for Boss Up Your Health
This includes personalized success plan
Unlimited Fat burning Zumba Classes
Healthy Mindset Training, Consistent Motivation
1 Private 1 On 1 Online Real-Talk Every Month
Cost for Boss Up Your Time Management
This includes - Prioritize To Profit: “The Art Of Organization” we will be training you LIVE
• To Show You The TOP 3 Places People Are Disorganized!
• To Open Up Your Mind On WHY Most People Are Disorganized
• To Train You HOW To BOSS UP In These TOP 3 Areas!
• To Help You Create A Personalized Plan To Execute Immediately!
• To Show You HOW To Be Consistent With Your Daily profit-producing activities for LIFE!
• Follow up with you to make sure you are implementing
Cost for Boss Up Your Branding
We teach you some of the top 7 figure earner online branding techniques so you and your company stand out in the crowd!
Cost for Boss Up Your Appearance
We teach you some of the top 7 figure earner online branding techniques so you and your company stand out in the crowd!
How to talk on camera, how to properly conduct a Facebook Live, How to do Break out sessions on Zoom, how to create a Masterclass to sell your products/trainings
Cost for Boss Up Your Social Media Marketing DFY
This includes posting of interactive content 3x/week
Interactions with users as needed, Option for Ads(?)
Cost for Boss Up Your Upscale Website DFY
This includes review of existing website or consultation For a new website, creation of website or redevelopment Of existing site, and monthly maintenance


Total cost~$19k+ additional monthly fees + additional support fees/mo + additional tech/mo + text support/mo

Total Boss Up Cost to YOU $10k/mo

You will be getting all of the above PLUS we will show you how to do it yourself so that you understand all the work that is being done for you in your online business, Plus unlimited ongoing zoom sessions for you and your business partners, Plus unlimited ongoing tech support, Plus unlimited ongoing text support, Plus instruction on how to begin treating your business like a business and no longer as a hobby or side hustle!

Red Beryl – $10,000 package

Just a little trivia about why this package is called Red Beryl…

While red beryl has been found in Utah regions, New Mexico, and Mexico, only those mined specifically in the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah have been of gem-quality. They exhibit a few different shades of a darker red color, all of which are equally mesmerizing. This variety is one of the rarest in the beryl family, which emeralds are also a part of. As a result, red beryl is sometimes referred to as the “red emerald” by collectors. Similar to emeralds, red beryl’s also often feature inclusions and fractures. Prices for this uncommon gemstone can reach up to $10,000 per carat, but that’s only if you can find one for sale.  #BOSSITUP